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SureBüddy brings sponsored cover to Uganda with new insurance App

SureBüddy, an android application that has today launched into market, brings sponsored insurance and insurance related products to Uganda.

This is Uganda’s unknown 4G-LTE mobile network

When one talks about 4G LTE networks in Uganda, chances are high that Africell, MTN, Smile Communications or Vodafone will be the first thing that will come to one's mind. Well, there is another kid on the block

Africell Uganda juices up its social media bundle with SnapChat and...

The social media bundle craze runs across all major telecoms in Uganda commonly termed as WTF, standing for Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter since the 3 are the most used social networks in Uganda. Last month, Africell introduced SnapChat & Instagram to its

This is what MTN, Smart and Africell Uganda customers are getting...

We just started Valentines week and With the D-day just hours away, all telecom companies have come out to offer something special for the lovers out there. MTN, Smart Telecom and Africell Uganda have crafted some offers for their subscribers. There has

The state of mobile data network speeds in East Africa: Tanzania...

The hot-off-the-press 'State of Mobile Networks: East Africa' report is our first look at the Great lake's region mobile networking landscape using Open Signal.

Africell introduces “Golden SIM cards” a blessing in disguise for University...

ven with the pending opening of Universities because of the continued strike, Africell may have the university students in their plans of giving away data combos. When university successfully opens, Africell is set to offer University students free special “golden SIM cards” that are ready for use on loading of start off data.