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Poll Results: Which mobile network offers the best Unlimited data plans...

We wanted to find out which of the many mobile networks offers Unlimited data plan that excites the Techjaja community the most. Several hundred of you voted in our poll the other week, and now we're ready to share the results.

The Best mobile Unlimited Data Plan in Uganda

We've been here before -- with the never-ending argument that most of the mobile network operators are not actually giving us unlimited internet. Unlimited data plans usually comes with ludicrous terms and conditions (read as Friendly user Policy) that most

Uber partners with telecom companies to provide free rides to Kampala...

Uber wants to bring its ride sharing service to more Ugandans who stay in Kampala. The company has began partnering with several telecoms and has today officially signed a partnership with

Airtel Uganda blocks Africell on twitter, but who cares?

In a recent twitter storm between the two telecom giants Airtel Uganda and Africell Uganda, saw the former block the latter from accessing their twitter account,

How to activate SWIFT and WTF social bundles on MTN, Airtel...

With the current craze of internet in Uganda and especially the huge dependency on social media channels to communicate chat with friends in preference to traditional methods like SMS and MMS. Most Ugandans especially in urban areas with decent 3G and 4G LTE

UCC ED, Godfrey Mutabazi directs telecom companies to reactivate all disconnected...

It has been over six days and millions of Ugandans have had their phone disconnected after the expiry of the deadline to have their SIM cards registered and verified. The executive director of the Ugandan Communications Commission (UCC), Godfrey Mutabazi