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Android’s first 64-bit Phone comes packed in a budget-minded package

Apple last year made a splash when it introduced the iPhone 5S as the first smartphone to rock 64-bit. Up to now people wonder what extra benefit such chips on steroids would benefit them. Also early this month chip maker Tegra announced it's Tegra K1 chip with 64 bit capabilities. We all know that a 64-bit chip won't make the phone any faster, but some other changes to the ARM architecture that come along with the 64-bit chips should be of benefit. This week HTC announced the HTC Desire

NVIDIA shows off Android’s first 64-bit processor

Its been a year since we last saw a 64 bit processor hit mobile phones in the iPhone 5s, by the end of last year we also had promises by Samsung that they where working on a similar chip for their Galaxy line of devices but so far we have not seen any. Today NVIDIA has provided details about it's new "Denver" Tegra K1,

64 bit for the next wave of Samsung Galaxy devices, CEO

What Apple does Samsung deals and more. That seems to be the trend now days between these two tech giants, while Samsung