SwiftKey is now free on Android, with new premium theme store

swiftkey now free on app store

On of the best and popular Android third party keyboard application SwiftKey has of today decided to drop its $3.99 charge and go completely free on the Play Store. This change will come with the current update, that will also come with it many other premium features.

The company has now expanded with a new content store that will let you download premium themes for your good old keyboard. SwiftKey before came with a handful of themes built-in, this time round you will be able to download more from their store. For those who now have the app and had purchased it  will get premium themes worth $4.99 for free.

Just like in other chat apps, the keyboard comes with support for emoji, so if you have a phone running Android KitKat, you won’t have to switch over to the stock keyboard to be able to enter emoji, you will just use them.

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There is a better performing prediction engine and  new languages support (Belarusian, Mongolian, Tatar, Uzbek and Welsh),

SwiftKey is available for download on the Play Store. Enjoy