The Super Mario Run game is coming Android

Super Mario Run having launched on iOS only in December is headed to Android come March this year. This according to the official Nintendo America Twitter feed with pre-registrations becoming live instantly.

Super Mario Run is one of Nintendo’s few projects that have shift away from handheld or home based consoles to embrace the smartphone after its first game Miitomo, which failed to become a hit.

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In Super Mario Run, the gamer taps the smartphone screen controlling the red and blue overall wielding plumber to jump past obstacles and enemies. It is a free playable game but only for the first three modes and commands $10 for subsequent levels. Also, it is an always on game meaning it can only be played if the user has an active internet connection.

Super Mario on last count had 40 million downloads in just 4 days but Nintendo has been shy to update these numbers ever since. Super Mario is one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises besides Zelda having sold more than 500 million copies of the game through the various iterations across different gaming platforms.

Super Mario Run however is a first for any Mario game to hit smartphones since the publisher Nintendo hadn’t yet embraced smartphone gaming until Miitomo happened. The good news however remain, Super Mario Run is hitting Android in less than 2 months.