The Student Hub helps Ugandan students find free career guidance tips and more

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The unemployment problem bites hard especially for the majority of the youth that find themselves with nothing to do after they complete University or after graduating from secondary school. Also cases of under employment and nepotism are rampant but nothing beats competence, something The Student Hub is streamlining through career guidance.

One can attribute some of the above to choosing wrong career paths, where many Ugandans find themselves in the wrong choice of jobs while others lack the prerequisites needed by employers to score employment.

While the above looks at fresh graduates, what about the preparations that should to be undertaken before or after you’ve choose a career path? The Student Hub helps you see, understand and achieve your career dream

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The Student Hub is a Ugandan bred website offering career guidance to Secondary, University and fresh graduates while on their respective journeys to achieve their career objectives and dreams.

It has a wide array of substantial information covering science and arts disciplines while providing vital tips in the aforementioned  fields. They include Architecture and construction, Business, IT, Agriculture among others. These you can follow or click to learn more on what they are, how to become a professional in that particular field, places of work, news, interviews from professionals in chosen fields and related careers.

For upper secondary school students who are yet to figure out what course to partake at University, The Student Hub allows you to input your subject combination and displays a list of suitable courses with the respective universities where they’re taught.

This is supplemented by cutoff points for the previous two academic years, estimated tuition fees, course duration and a counter on how to measure your academic weight in order to qualify for the selected course. Additional info covers the course’s relevance, its careers and information relayed from experts employed from that particular field.

Whereas this information is hard to come by, The Student Hub has a centralized portal to steer careers with the above information and more for free to help aspiring students, employees among others achieve their dream careers.