How to Stop WhatsApp from sharing your phone number with Facebook

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Yesterday the popular messaging app WhatsApp announced that it would start sharing users phone numbers and other data — with parent company Facebook. Even if the the two companies claim that this move is aimed to help people find new friends and “improve your Facebook ads and products experiences,” there is a bigger belief that they want to build a new  businesses avenue to reach potential customers. So how can one deactivate it ?

There are two methods, as Motherboard notes in the source link  below, but the first has to be done before you accept the messaging app’s new terms of service. Rather than clicking “agree” blindly, press the smaller “read more” option below, and uncheck the box that reads “Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook…”

Don’t worry if you’ve already accepted those new terms, however — you’ve still got 30 days to opt out. Head to the app’s settings menu, and then press the account tab. From there, you can uncheck the box reading “Share my account info” to stop providing Facebook with your user data.