Star Times launches Salam TV: A new Ugandan based dedicated Islamic channel

Star Times Salam TV launch

As the digital migration deadline for Uganda to join the rest of the world draws near, digital pay TV channels are puckering different ways to have more channels to attract subscribers. This week, Star Times Uganda added a new dedicated Islamic channel called Salam TV to their vast line up channels.

Although GoTV also has a similar Islamic channel, Star Time’s Islamic television channel will be having mainly local content and now accessible on channel 118. The company promised to launch more niche Television channels dedicated to different religious sects but mainly focusing local content. In April this year, Star Times and FaceTV exclusively launched Uganda’s first ever music based channel.

Unlike analogue TV technology, digital television technology enables TV broadcasters to transmit several TV channels on a single spectrum and digital Pay TV channels are using this opportunity to add spice up and lure subscribers to their Television platforms.

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Image Credit: Star Times Uganda