Sony’s PlayStation VR to cost $399

PlayStation VR

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[/blockquote]Virtual reality has been ear marked as the future of Gaming and every tech company is struggling to get a piece of the pie. Sony has finally announced that the PlayStation VR, which will cost $399 (UGX 1.4 million), before taxes and it will be available in October 2016. The company has today shared this news during a short keynote at the 2016 Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, CA.

If you already own a PlayStation 4, this price is considerably cheap, and even if you don’t, the total cost is much less than Sony’s VR competitors. Facebook’s Oculus Rift starts at $599 (UGX 2 million) and Valve’s HTC Vive will sell for $799 ( (UGX 2.7 million)), but both of those headsets require powerful PCs that can cost much more than the $299  (UGX 1 million) PS4.

 But there are a few catches: the base level PlayStation VR doesn’t come with the company’s Move controllers, and it also doesn’t come with the PlayStation Camera — which is required to use PSVR.  PlayStation VR bundles will be sold, and those would likely include things like the camera and the Move controllers, but Sony declined to share any more detail.

Sony confirmed that the consumer version of the PlayStation VR will have the same technical specs that have been rumored: the main 5.7-inch OLED screen is capable of displaying games at up to 120 frames per second, and has a resolution of “1920 x RGB x 1080,” meaning each pixel gets full RGB color.

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The company also promised that 50 games will be released between the October launch and the end of the year.

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