Sony unveils 3D head-mounted display for surgical purposes

Sony’s latest 3D head-mounted displays is begging to act as the viewing end of medical endoscopes and is aimed at making medical  surgery a walk through the park. Okay, not really.  Hirai and Co. have just unveiled the HMM-3000MT, which helps surgeons peek inside a patient’s body in 2D or 3D — the latter of which is said to improve precision. This will eliminate the need to keep tabs on an external screen, the electronics giant thinks doctors won’t have to restrict their posture and movement.

According to  Engadget, the HMD has 720p 0.7-inch OLED panels and been tweaked for use in a standing position with beefed up support for balance and comfort. The hardware also packs a picture-in-picture feature to catch different views of operations, and even the ability to rotate and flip video feeds. The headgear has been approved for use in Japan, but it hasn’t been confirmed for a launch in other territories. So don’t expect to see it if you go under the knife relatively soon.

Source: Engadget