Social Media shutdown in Uganda ahead of Presidential Swearing in

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[/blockquote]Ugandans are yet again to be slapped with another social media blockage by the government ahead of the slated swearing in of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni tomorrow. According to reliable sources, Social Media Platforms and Mobile Money services are slated to be yet again shut down by government as a means of avoiding rumored misuse of the avenues to incite unnecessary violence and videos like the one below of Kiiza Besigye swearing as President of Uganda. Unconfirmed reports tell this blog that Social media may be blocked today at 6 pm to intercept planning, but tomorrow at exactly 6am, the internet will also reportedly be switched off as well.

This is not a new move by the Government, as this was the same tension that threw Ugandans in a frenzy mode during the February general presidential elections when mobile money services and social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp were shut down is set to happen again. The government is doing this to reduce on the violence incitement using the platform and the purported funding using the mobile money services as predicted by the government.

Even VPN apps might not Save you

Ugandans will now have to resort to VPN’s once again to bypass this shut down. However, because the government was caught unaware of the usage of VPN’s by Ugandans to bypass the ban, ISP’s have been asked to even block not just social media and mobile money but also the Internet in general if the worst comes to the worst. This means that even those precious VPN apps might not save you.

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There are also purported plans to block calls as well when the worst comes to the worst.

Video as Former Presidential Candidate swears in below