Smile telecom’s intenet services becoming a household name in Uganda

smile LTESmile telecom was the Uganda’s second company to turn on it’s 4G LTE network after MTN launched early last year, the company rolled out it’s 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) early last year, slowly capturing the market. 4G LTE is an acronym for the wireless communication technology that sends both high speeds of data and voice.

According to the independent while speaking to a new smile customer Arnold Okiror a web designer, he expressed his happiness with the network’s services and cannot stop smiling as he flips through web pages of different organizations.

“We have finally arrived, All these others, I don’t even understand what they have been giving us. I can now do anything faster and easier,I work with the internet. I meet my clients online. I tell you Smile has made it for me”

he said.

So whats the fuss all about anyway?

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Okiror, who has just fallen in love with Smile telecom’s services, feels the quality of data services of the other providers falls short of what Smile offers. Also a web designer, Okiror recently acquired Smile telecom’s Wi-Fi handset at Shs 240,000, which comes with an internet package of 5GB. He says he hasn’t been disappointed. Thereafter, customers will be able to buy 1GB at Shs 37,500.

Not until recently, Smile telecom was hardly heard of. Any discussion about internet services revolved around the big four players – MTN, Orange Uganda, Airtel and utl. But these days Smile telecom is very much part of the picture thanks to its aggressive marketing campaign and, what users say, reliable internet service.

According to Smile telecom’s head of marketing Jacob Oboth,

“The benefits of 4G LTE lie in the radically-improved user experience which enables ultra-high-speed internet access, Smile’s internet service, now covers Kampala, Wakiso, Entebbe, and Mukono areas. Additional coverage is to be rolled out across Uganda in a phased approach over the next five years.


It’s clear the company wants to be a house hold name in terms of date services and after picking such great momentum in only a year its only matter of time the competition wakes up and start realizing that they have new kid on the block.


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