The smile uganda offcies

Following the recent launch of Unlimited internet from the MTN Uganda, Smile Communications has also beefed up its Unlimited offering called Smile SmartHome, with a new pricier data bundle called UnlimitedPlatinum. The bundle joins the UnlimitedPremium and UnlimitedEssential that cost UGX 330,000 and UGX 179,000 respectively. The new UnlimitedPlatinum Internet bundle will cost UGX 550,000.This is the third time Smile has changed its Premium data plan in less than a year.

This blog has come to learn that Smile UnlimitedPremium subscribers who will top-up their internet packages from today on wards will be disappointed with the new caps that the company has put in place. A current Premium customer will have to upgrade to the new Platinum plan in order to enjoy the same level of service they had before, which means they would have to add an extra UGX 220,000.

Okay, lets get down to the numbers. The new Platinum plan will start off with speeds of up to 6 Mbps, when you reach 60 GB, speeds will be throttled down to 4 Mbps, and when you exceed 100 GB, its 1 mbps and after you hit the 120 GB mark you will experience snail slow 128kbps.

Current Data CapCurrent Speed CapNew Data CapNew Data CapData CapSpeed Cap
Up to 6Mbps0.1MB <60GB0MB <30GB0 <60GB Up to 6Mbps
Up to 4Mbps> 60GB <75GB>30GB <75GB>60GB <100GB Up to 4Mbps
Up to 2Mbps> 75GB <100GB0MB <25GB>100GB <120GB Up to 1Mbps
Up to 1Mbps> 75GB <100GB>120GBUp to 0.128 Mbps
Up to 0.512 Mbps>25GB <30GB
Up to 0.128 Mbps> 120GB>75GB>30GB
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This is how bad it is for the current premium users, in the new data cap structure, you will start off with the usual 6 Mbps up to 35 GB, after that you will capped to 4 Mbps until 75 GB beyond 100 GB which you will be using its 128 kbps speeds. On the bright side, both Premium and Platinum users will enjoy free internet between midnight and 6 AM. The UnlimitedEssential plan largely remains unchanged, and you can also enjoy free 3GB per day that you can only use between midnight and 6AM.