Smile Telecom launches LTE network in Uganda: Its real indoor coverage

In a series of LTE launches in East Africa, Smile Communications has launched their  LTE network in Uganda  end of last week. This comes after over 6 months of LTE network testing and deployment. As opposed to MTN Uganda’s  LTE deployment,  Smile’s 800MHz FDD band will enable indoor penetration and better coverage and a True 4G experience.

Smile _Irene-Charnley

“Based on feedback and usage data from our commercial customers, there is clearly an increase in demand for broadband access and services. In the past month alone, we’ve seen significant growth in our customer numbers and data usage. Smile is poised to capitalise on this demand and to raise customer expectations by delivering a better, faster, easier, and more reliable internet experience”

— Fiona McGloin, Country Manager of Smile Uganda

The Kampala only network was engineered in collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel-Lucent that brings a deep and global expertise that meet service providers challenges, and they believe that the introduction of thier LTE solution by Smile in Uganda will make a significant contribution to the country’s economy in all sectors. Alcatel-Lucent is also rumored to providing a similar and bigger solution to another Carrier in Uganda.

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Smile becomes the second Wireless Carrier in Uganda to Launch an LTE network after MTN Uganda. Smile’s LTE implementation is capable of download speeds going up to 60 Mbps although the company has not officially committed to these figures. Just like MTN avoids talking about the DL 100-80 Mbps their LTE technology is capable of.