Frankly MiFi Smile Uganda

Smile Communications is expanding it’s data offerings with a new daily data bundle called SmileFlexy. At launch, the internet service provider (ISP) had its data bundle duration technically limited to 60 days, this was later resolved and they can now offer, daily, monthly and even weekly data bundles.  The new SmileFlexy daily data bundle is aimed at the majority of people who load small data plans on a daily basis and this comes at a time when the company recently introduced a Platinum bundle for the high end users.

Volume (MB)Price (UGX)

As shown in the table above, the new SmileFlexy bundle is priced between UGX 2,000 to UGX 7,000 for data volumes between 100 MB and 500 MB. This is very little data for very high-end users, but the package is targeted to those who don’t mind the daily grind of loading a data bundle onto their internet devices. The bundle can also be useful for those who use unlimited data bundles that have reached the 128kbps cap limit. The SmileFlexy bundle will take you throughout the day at speeds not exceeding 2 Mbps until you next reload your main bundle.