‘Smart Rwanda’ to Power ICT for Transformation

smart rwanda

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The government has started a new initiative that seeks to apply the power of ICT in the development agenda to transform the social and economic development of the country. The plan, dubbed “Smart Rwanda Days”, is a citizen-centred business-friendly, accessible and sustainable information and service
delivery chain, which will be realized through public-private

To realise Smart Rwanda Days, government, in partnership with the World Bank, yesterday hosted an event to help stakeholders develop a shared vision for the initiative.

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The two-day forum brought together global experts in ICT and economy from Africa and beyond, as well as Rwandan ICT enthusiasts to identify possible “Smart” solutions to deliver Smart Rwanda.

Jean Philbert Nsengimana, the minister for youth and ICT, said the initiative seeks to leverage the gains made in ICT growth, mainly the available infrastructure, to take the country further.

“Key to the success of Smart Rwanda is sustainability of all our interventions. Our strategy will be to rely on the much needed private sector resources and capabilities.”

“Smart Rwanda aims at looking at all innovative ways ICT can drive to achieve socio-economic transformation agenda of our country.”

Nsengimana said the scheme would boost productivity of sectors of the economy using ICT, lead to off-farm job creation, improve service delivery and promote rural development.

The government says the plan will specifically focus on achieving “smart healthcare, governance, business, agriculture, environment, job creation and infrastructure,” among others.

World Bank Country Manager Carolyn Turk said the agenda is extremely exciting since it aims at generating solutions to create sustainable change.

“I appreciate Rwanda’s extra-ordinary achievements registered in the ICT sector over the past few years. When you look at mobile penetration and connectivity by broadband, it’s quite outstanding,” she said.

Available statistics from Rwanda Utilities and Regulatory Agency show that mobile phone subscribers have reached 6,272,692, indicating that 59.5 per cent of the Rwandan population own mobile phones.


Source: NewTimes