There is Smart everything: Meet the Balluga Smart bed

Balluga Smart bed

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As you are busy fighting off bedbugs and all weird creatures of the night that take shelter in your mattress, startups are out there trying to find ways of making more comfortable. Do you need a back rub, reduce on snoring, a bed massage or have a stiff neck? Meet the Balluga Smart bed— a new company that caught our eye on the Kickstarter that launches today — for those wondering how smart this bed is, let just say it comes with it own connected app that you will have to install on your smart phone and comes with several controls.

According to the smart bed maker, the Balluga is built from air-filled spherical cells that deflate and inflate on command, this allows the user to change the firmness in different sections of the mattress. Just as you would expect the bed also has a vibrating massage function, built-in air conditioning that sucks up air from the room to adjust the temperature under the duvet, under-frame lighting that turns on when you get up in the middle of the night, and a snoring detector that’s supposed to tilt your head and stop your snorting in your sleep. I can see most couples already excited by this feature. Well if there is anything you need to make your sleeping experience comfortable, Balluga seems to have you covered.
Balluga’s CEO, Joe Katan, told The Verge that theoretically this means the bed will never lose its firmness — you can always just top it up with more air. “It’s completely replenishable,”, although there haven’t been any tests of the Balluga’s longevity. Balluga Smart bed app
 The Balluga Smart bed App

Finally a solution to snoring

For those suffering from back aches, you can use the smart bed’s app and make the lumbar part harder or softer, and in a double bed you can even adjust the two sides independently depending on what you and your partner want. The company says that its beds offer “anti-snoring technology,” as it utilizes inbuilt-in microphones to detect when someone is snoring and it automatically tilts  their head to stop the noise. (We assume that’s the only bed noise it can detect) Okay back to the snoring, the bed will deflate or inflate the air cells under the pillow — in a silent and slow manner  with only a small amount of movement in order not to wake you up in the process. We are yet to find out if this anti-snoring technology works for heavy snorers.  According to sleep specialists, in cases when a sleeper needs to change position to stop snoring, a significant adjustment is what’s required — having them sit upright by at least 35 degrees.
Balluga Smart bed 2
You can also adjust the bed’s firmness, or cooling it down using built-in air conditioning, which we see very helpful during those hot nights and the reverse is true during the cold nights for the bachelors out there. As we mentioned before, there’s also a massage function that can vibrate individual sections of the bed, sending waves of tremors up and down your body, or pulsing in specific spots.
So whether you see this as a toy or a bed, the underlying technology in the Balluga of inflatable air cells seem sound and helpful. But don’t expect to get this mattress on the cheap, a single bed will cost UGX 4.1 million ($1,199) and up to UGX 11 million ($3,299) the King size. Which is quiet expensive for our usual mattresses here in Uganda, but if you feel the added features are worth it, you can check out more details about it at Kickstarter.
Image Credit: The Verge