The five Android Apps that will fill iPhone users with Envy

Since apps started becoming a make or break for Smartphone ecosystems, Apple’s IOS has had great apps that Android users have been drooling over. Most developers until recent times have first been developing new apps from iOS first and then Android. During this waiting time there was a lot of jealousy from the Android camp, as they had to wait for a long time for developers to keep up with the droid.

Apps like Instagram, Flipboard, Vine, Temple Run, and Angry birds were some of the great apps that began their journey on iOS before making their way to Android. The most interesting fact is that not all apps start their life cycle on Apple’s fenced house—some have launched on Android first and have yet to make their way to iOS. Currently iPhone users are often first to experience the freshest games, Android users get apps that fully automate their phones and predict what they want to type next due to the nature of the “open” platform.

Here are five apps that Android users can boast about to their iPhone-tugging friends.

1. FALCON PRO (Price: Free)

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Falcon pro

Falcon pro has been touted as the best Twitter client, with a smooth UI that puts all other twitter clients to shame. Unfortunately Falcon Pro has been closed to new users since hitting the ceiling of 100,000 user tokens that Twitter has established for many hird-party clients. In a post on Google+, developer Joaquim Vergès announced he had removed Falcon Pro from the Google Play store and made it a free download at its own domain. From there, Falcon Pro tells you how to register a nonexistent app on Twitter’s developer site, then copy the API keys into Falcon Pro. It’s a novel way of circumventing Twitter’s token limits, but it’s also not likely to stand. Feel free to get it from there and side load it, assuming you are lucky enough. I tried and i have never looked back to ant other client since then.

2. SWIFTKEY  (Price: $4)


Bye bye typos on mobile and tablets. SwiftKey is a third party keyboard app that adapts to the way you write by learning which words and phrases you use most often, allowing for a better typing experience. After a while, you get to the point where you can randomly mash your thumbs on screen and have SwiftKey predict exactly what you wanted to say, punctuation and all. Neat.

It also has support for multiple languages simultaneously, so you don’t have to go into the settings every time you want to switch the keyboard language from English to German.

3. AIRDROID  (Price: Free)


AirDroid also lets you transfer content to and from your phone without ever having to plug it into your computer. (CATION: Make sure you’re on Wi-Fi if you’re planning on moving over gigabytes of data, as it will not be kind on you data plan)

For example if you left your phone out of arm’s reach and are too lazy to get up to answer a text message, Airdroid is at your service. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


4. TASKER (Price: $3)


We carry around Smartphones but there are some cases when you want to make your phone feel smart, so Tasker helps you do just that. With this app you can create profiles that automatically execute certain tasks when specific criteria are met. Lets say you want the music app to automatically start whenever you plug in your headphones , or have your phone automatically respond to text messages while you sleep or have your phone silence itself when you get to the office. There’s really no limit to the types of profiles you can create, and there are entire websites dedicated to Tasker profiles if you’re not up to the task of creating one yourself.

You might have to dedicate sometime to learn the app, so I’d recommend going through the tutorial or looking one up online to get down the basics.


5. APEX AND NOVA LAUNCHER (Price: Free and $4 for Pro versions)

nova_apex launcher

One area Android beats iOS face-down is its ability to be customized, with Apex and Nova Launcher, you can customize your Android home screen to give it a unique look that’ll be the envy of everyone on your block. These apps makes it easy to change your app icons, app drawer, and home-screen animations to something more in line with your artistic vision, and there are plenty of pre-made themes available on the Play Store (if you’re feeling lazy).

Recently i discovered there are websites and forums  where people post their Android home-screen designs and tell you how you can achieve the same look—handy if you’re looking for some inspiration. Try doing that on your iPhone!