UCC house

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) on April 11, 2017, directed that all SIM cards be verified and validated against the National Identification and Registration Authority database using the National Identification Numbers for citizens and Passports for alien residents within seven days, effective April 13, 2017 to April 20, 2017. Due to its unrealistic timelines, the Government under the office of the Prime Minister directed that the Commission to extend this verification and validation exercise to May 19, 2017.

You now have less than 10 days to register your SIM card with your National ID. But, will this lead to another extension of deadline or UCC will stand its ground and direct the telecoms to cut off services for those SIM cards that are unregistered.

Fred Otunnu the Director of Corporate Affairs at UCC told NBS TV today that out of the 22m subscribers, at least 13m SIM cards have been verified and about 11m SIM cards have been cleared. He said; “We don’t want to catch people off guard. The disruption of services will happen with immediate effect from the deadline”

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The May 19 deadline was set, the Commission, informed the public of the said extension and urged the people to utilise the extended period to verify and validate their SIM cards using their National Identification Cards and numbers.