Vivo Energy Uganda cuts Shell gas prices


Vivo Energy Uganda has reduced prices of Shell Gas in order to make cooking gas affordable and improve the uptake of Shell Gas users in Uganda, according to the company. There has been a UGX 20,000 reduction on the Gas 6kg cylinder, commonly known as Ka-Portable which now costs UGX 180,000.

Refilling a 12 Kg gas cylinder now costs UGX 110,000 from UGX 130,000 and the recently introduced new composite cylinder, which is more convenient, lighter and cleaner also going for a refill price of 110,000.

The product comes in 4 packs for the Residential market and customised bulk tanks for commercial, real estate, schools and hospital users.

The Managing Director Vivo Energy, Gilbert Assi highlighted that Shell gas is committed to protecting the environment with their environmentally friendly products. “The introduction of composite cylinders is among the new key initiatives by Vivo Energy to improve the quality of service to cooking gas consumers, many of whom have given up on using charcoal and power” Said Assi.

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According to research, Liquid Petroleum Gas is slowly replacing firewood or charcoal, in several growing markets, either as part of a programme to prevent deforestation or to reduce illness and deaths due to contamination and fire accidents. Therefore, the reduction of Shell Gas prices directs its attention to the families, allowing them to cook safely.