It might not come as a surprise for some but wait when you read the specifics about the Airtel Money- MTN interoperability. While you could send mobile money before from Airtel to MTN, it required the sender to send the recipient a code to withdraw the funds and surprise, surprise, now you don’t need to have to use that secret code. The money is sent directly to one’s MTN mobile Money account as would be the case if money came directly from a fellow MTN number.

While this is a warm welcome, the reverse isn’t true. On testing the service this morning, you can’t send money from MTN to one’s Airtel Money directly. You’ll still have to go through the oldtime tedious process of generating secret codes.These they show to agents to be able to withdraw the money Besides, we’re here for the good news so back to Airtel Money.

How to send money to a customer on MTN?

  1. Dial *185#
  2. Send Money (Option 1)

To Airtel  or other Number

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To MTN Number

You have to select “To MTN Number”, input the recipient’s MTN number and tap send. No code required.

The money sent will accumulate the receiver’s MTN Mobile Money balance and he/she will be able to withdraw the money or use it as they deem fit.

If the MTN recipient is not registered, then you might have to use the first option of “To Airtel or other Number” and input the non-registered MTN number. However I must warn that the sender will have to generate a code here and send it to the receiver for him/her to be able to withdraw the funds.

Can you also send Mobile Money directly from MTN to Airtel?

On last check, it is still not possible without a code involved. So we are still waiting on MTN to implement the same changes in their back-end.

We commend Airtel for the move as it will solve users the need to carry two sim cards  from different networks for the sake of Mobile Money. Often times many people use MTN for its vast mobile money network but with this new move, it may encourage some users to stick to a single sim card.