Twitter Lite
Credit: Twitter

Its been 22 months since Facebook rolled out its Facebook Lite mobile app, today Twitter has decided to follow suit on the web. The company has introduced a new, speedier version of its mobile site called Twitter Lite. The site is targeted for emerging markets and users in environments with unreliable connectivity. You can save some data bundles with Twitter Lite as it takes up less than a megabyte and comes with a further data saver mode that further blurs images and videos until they’re tapped.

According to a twitter blog, the company says the Lite version will load to the point of interactivity in under five seconds on most 3G devices, and claims that it can save up to 70 percent on data while loading 30 percent faster.

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Twitter has collaborated with Google and is using Progressive Web App (PWA) that the two developed in close partnership. If you are using an Android phone, you will additional features like push notifications, and if you add it to your phone as a home screen shortcut it’ll appear in the app drawer just like a native app. This can also be done by those using iPhones.

Twitter Lite is available globally, and to try it right now, go to Give us your feedback in the comment section below.