Saturday Night Live ridicules Google glass in skit

Seems we shall never see an end to the mockery of google’s latest wearable glass technology. The comedians of, “Saturday Night Live” thought this would be the perfect time to offer their own spin of the Google glass jokes. Comedian  Fred Armisen playing as a tech correspondent who has had early access to the Explorer Edition of the Google glasses is introduced by “news anchor” Seth Meyers as he tries to stop himself from laughing. Armisen’s movements are akin to someone whose drug use or genetic makeup has rendered him incapable of even minimal physical control as he tires to demonstrate how to use the glasses.

At some point Armisen asks Seth for his wifi password (In this case, “peacock.”) , which he tries to constantly and repetitively tell the glasses to register only in vain.The constant compulsion to use head gestures to mimic the actions that he wants Glass to make render Armisen’s character — supposed tech expert Randall Meeks — someone whom children would cross the street to avoid.

Then the porn appears, too late to be masked.As a fashion statement, Google Glass is currently: “Oh, dear. Did they let him out for the day?” Enyoy the video below.

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source: youtube