Samsung’s smartwatch can now display full rich notifications

For the lucky few who have gotten their hands on Samsung’s attempt to make a smartwatch must have figured out that the Galaxy Gear’s major failings was its lusterless notifications system. Before today the Smartwatch could not display useful notifications on its display, as users had to unlock their phone to read emails or other messages.

One man down several more to go as we’re happy to see that Samsung is taking another poke at it with a new software update. The new version of the Gear Manager app reportedly allows for all  notification to be beamed to the watch. The icing on top of the cake, is that they can now include previews for email, Hangouts messages, and the least is endless. The Galaxy Gear’s less that 24 hour’s battery life and un affordability might still keep some buyers away, we hope incremental dates will lure us more to change our minds.