Samsung’s latest s-pen patent to come with a slew of communication features

Samsung is currently cooking up its next version of the s-pen that we find i devices like on it’s Galaxy Note devices and this has not stopped the Korean tech giant from patenting their ‘innovation’. This next generation of s-pens seems to be more smart than the previous versions as features an improved protruding grip, and a slew of communication gadgetry within.

There will be a  speaker and a mic allowing it to take phone calls and we highly suspect S Voice and Google Now commands to be supported as well. From the drawings we dont see the final design of the S Pen, although its shape doesn’t seem to bare much changes from what we currently see on the current generation of s-pens.

What we wonder is how thick the final s-pen device will look like, as it seems to pack a lot of communication chips with in. All we know for real, is that Samsung is aiming to make taking calls on large-screen phones and tablets much easier. We saw this same concept of receiving calls on a stylus with Asus Pad in 2012 we only hope Samsung not just copy and paste.