Texting while driving

By just reading the headline, you’d wonder if Samsung is not just try to make the existing manually triggered replies in SMS apps more automated. Yes, you guessed right– that is what they are doing. The upcoming app from Samsung is called , and it will will automatically respond to text messages when you’re in the car or riding a bike. It will be able to pull this off by using the sensors and GPS in your phone to detect when you’re in a moving car or bike and will send a preset reply to incoming texts.

In-Traffic Reply by SamsungThe company is currently testing the app, in Netherlands, and it lets you choose two different types of replies right now. When someone sends you a message while you are driving it will automatically reply to them with the default message “I’m driving, so I cannot answer at the moment” responses or you can opt for a “fun” response with some sort of animation. We hope this app with have extensions to 3rd party apps like WhatsApp and Messenger as they are more used than traditional SMS. When it launches, Samsung plans to allow users to create a customized canned response as well.

The details on now the app will exactly how this works are currently fuzzy. Samsung’s statement on the app doesn’t reveal how the app would distinguish between drivers and passengers, for instance, but even the relatively simple functionality could go a long way toward preventing texting and driving.