Samsung unveils Solar Powered TV in East Africa

solar powered samsung TV

solar powered samsung TV

The Korean home device maker Samsung has this week launched a multi-power TV in the East African market and this new living room gadget can use both alternating and direct current power making it functional both in places with or without electricity as we have illustrated in the image above.

In case the AC power fluctuates or is unavailable, DC power – for instance a solar charged battery – can be used to power the television which comes in 23 inch size only. According to Samsung’s chief operating officer for East and Central Africa said the TV set model will be especially ideal in rural areas where electricity connection remains low. He further said:

“One of the hindrances to Kenyans owning household appliances is the lack of electricity, and its instability in areas already connected to the grid. At Samsung, our ultimate goal has always been to offer our customers a great experience with technology, no matter their locality,

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The TV set is able to survive changing voltages, frequent lightning hits, and as well as the high humidity experienced during rainy seasons since it comes equipped with a ‘Triple Protector’ . With ‘Triple Protector,’ users can enjoy TV without inconvenience in spite of either the scorching heat or damp air.

  • Jemimah

    Interesting. Does the TV come with the panel and battery? Any links with specs?