Samsung unveils ‘Smart schools’ in East Africa

solar powered internet schools


solar powered internet schools
A solar powered internet school. (Image Credit CIO)

Just a few days after the launch in Rwanda, Samsung Electronics East Africa has now set up similar solar powered internet schools (SPIS) in Kenya in a bid to improve the quality of education in Africa. This is done in order to address the issue of scarcity of learning materials, lack of electricity and  access to information, communication & technologies (ICTs).

The Koran company has donated these schools to 9 Kenyan schools through the Hope for Children initiative, in its quest to complement the efforts by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in the implementation of ICT integration in primary schools. Samsung has collaborated with Safaricom in the provision of internet to the SPIS

Robert Ngeru , VP, Samsung East and Central Africa in his speech said,

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[signoff predefined=”Quotation” icon=”icon-username”]At Samsung, we are keen to support societies and their communities in many different ways and the Solar Powered Internet School will provide better knowledge transfer, learning and research opportunities both for learners and teachers alike, as well as equip them with the necessary employable skills for the future[/signoff]

Don’t be blown away that these schools are brick and all, no –the SPIS is a 40-foot shipping container that Samsung equips with 24 Samsung Laptops plus one for the teacher, a multi-purpose Samsung printer, a 50-inch electronic board, a server, internet access and the solar panels. All devices will work well in a solar-powered environment. The schools  are built for use in remote rural areas with little or no grid electricity infrastructure. Samsung is able to supply the Galaxy tablets, e-board, servers and internet. These are known as Samsung Smart Schools. Whether Samung will extend this project in other East African countries a part from Kenya and Rwanda is yet to be seen.