Samsung to Gush out a real curved screen phone in Korea on 10th October (Video)

Slightly cool? Maybe. Samsung Galaxy Round is reportedly the name of Samsung’s curved screen smartphone. The semi circular shaped 5.7-inch screen—same as the Note 3—is a real thing that Samsung is actually making but it’s only launching on SK Telecom in South Korea.

Roll the phone to wake the screen

If you dont see yourself using a curved screen for now well its not bad to gaze at this weird technology that exists this phone phone. That’s not stopping Samsung from marketing the Round’s ‘roll effect’ as a feature though. You basically roll the phone to wake the screen to see the time and your notifications. I guess that’s sort of justifying the curved screen but still, we are no convinced. Mostly just really weird. Everything else is solid though: 2.3GHz quad core. 3GB RAM. 32GB storage. 2800mAh battery.