Samsung to Apple: Our phones don’t bend and we can prove it

iphone 6 bendgate

iphone 6 bendgate

We’ ve all heard about the recent iPhone 6 Plus ‘bendgate’ saga and in usual Samsung tradition, the Korean Phone maker wants you to know that their next Phablet the Galaxy Note 4 is bend proof unlike the competition. So, the company has uploaded a video showing the types of stress tests the handset goes through. In the video they aggressively hint and emphasize that the Note 4’s a lot tougher than the new iPhones. As you can see in the video below, the Note 4’s subjected to a three-point bend test that pushes a metal with 25 kilograms of force to the middle of the device — you can even see the phone bend just a little during the process.

Thanks to the Note 4’s tough metal frame and magnesium bracket, which hold all its components together, the phone was able to pass the bend test.