Samsung reveals Google’s ARCore platform coming to the Galaxy Note8 and S8

Samsung has today revealed a partnership with Google at its developer conference in San Francisco to bring the ARCore to its line of Galaxy devices since the System development kit (SDK) launch in august that started with support of the Galaxy s8.Today marks the official commitment to Google’s first ever platform that brings Augmented reality (AR) capabilities to existing and future android phones by all manufacturers but Samsung being the first manufacturer to support the new ARCore which is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are “augmented” by computer-generated or extracted real-world sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

The Google pixel and Galaxy S8 smartphones were the first devices to support the ARCore during the platform’s preview period in august and will soon be extended to all future android phones but first the Galaxy note 8 and S8+ as revealed by Google AR and VR head Clay Bavor.

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Whereas Samsung’s pledge to Google’s version of Ar is positive even when its known of producing its own alternatives of the android platforms,Samsung devices support the daydream VR as the Gear VR does with Facebook’s Oculus though a competing AR standard would have required developers to target two android platforms that possibly could have harmed Samsung’s adoption of this up coming technology by Google.

On the other hand for Google the partnership is to a larger extent beneficial to them as they try to push mobile Augmented reality (AR) and compete favorably with apple’s version of the ARKit even when apple depends on Samsung ,as the ARCore builds off Tango and intends to bring reality to android without need for any special hardware which further promises a clear future for the AR market since Samsung sells more phones than any other device manufacturer worldwide and has for long been pushing Google’s Android operating system.