Samsung patents Google glass like ‘sports glasses’

We are never fans of patents but hey seems companies need to set their ‘mouse traps’ for their competitors. Samsung has registered a patent that could give us a clue at its own Google Glass-style wearable device. The design patent, filed in Korea early this year, was granted full registered status in October and recently excavated by The Wall Street Journal. It shows a pair of “sports glasses” with transparent or translucent frames, side buttons, and a front panel that appears to hold a camera.
The glasses, could be paired with a smartphone to display information or offer some control; a pair of  built-in earphones would let users listen to music or receive phone calls. To distinguish it from Google glasses, the Samsung patent shows what appear to be wires on both sides, meeting in the back at a conjunctive plug.

Samsung is going in hard for wearable market as it recently announced a smartwatch dubbed the Galaxy gear, that has been projected to be a big hit in the market.   Meanwhile, Google Glass is already going through an extended beta, and Microsoft is said to be prepping its own smart glasses.