Samsung guilty, Apple wins but there is still one more thing to clarify today

Apple -Samsung

Last week the Apple-Samsung patent trial of the century that began in 2012 saw its conclusion. The jury made its decision on Friday, in favor of Apple, but its not yet over. There is still one product and patent that the jury awarded no damages even if Samsung was found guilty.

Though that’s possible in some circumstances, the plaintiff is generally entitled to an amount “no less than a reasonable royalty.”

Judge Koh sent the eight-member jury back a note to help noting what needs to be fixed, this includes the amount in question as well as the related total damages award and a separate box that asks them to clarify the damages by time period. In general terms, the verdict’s not a complete win for either party, as Apple owes Samsung $158,400 and Samsung will have to pay Apple $119,625,000, a far cry from the $6.2 million and $2.2 billion the parties asked for, respectively.

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Below is the relevant part of Judge Koh’s note to the jury.


It’s a verdict that again upholds Apple’s claim of significant patent holdings, but isn’t the kind of victory Apple really needs to slow Samsung down.