Galaxy S8 plus

Samsung has had a fair amount of fanfare this year with the Galaxy S8 and the Note 8. The former is about to get a successor inform of the Galaxy S9 and rumour has it that we might have to look not further than February, than the customary March for the big reveal of Samsung’s 2018 flagship.

It is said a lot won’t change with the Galaxy S9 and it will only be an incremental update than a big redesign with Samsung said to be sticking to a winning formula of the S8. What is to change is of course the processor, updated cameras and the fingerprint finding its rightful place just below the camera among others. We recently gave our take on what to expect of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

We assume Samsung wants to put a dent to the resurgent Apple with its iPhone X that barely speaking, dwarfs anything to ever come from Cupertino and the Android world. Its high time it got a real Android competitor for the year to come.

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The S9 is said to debut in late February and launch in March according to figures close to matter. Why Samsung is trigger happy to shoot at Apple remains to be known as it has just launched the Note 8 in September to generally positive reviews as was the case with the S8 and the S8+.

Since a lot about the S8 is expected to stick with the S9, it remains a mystery of how it will look finally, its pricing and availability. However with phones now above $999, our guess is that it might play in this very premium territory.

Also given that the Mobile World Congress will start on 26th February up to 1st March 2018, it is safe to assume that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be revealed during the event.