Samsung Galaxy S6 to reportedly be made of glass on both sides

the galaxy s5

This is one of the most anticipated phones of 2015, Samsung’s upcoming flagship will be unveiled in Q1 this year and rumors have already started to flow in.  According to, an unnamed “Samsung Electronics official” the phone will, come in two forms with one with regular and the other a dual edge just like on the Galaxy Note Edge. The most puzzling revelation is that Samsung will introduce a glass back panel as a means of differentiating the Galaxy S brand from it’s new A series that has metal frames and plastic backs. So this means the Galaxy s6 is most likely to have a non-removable battery.

We have seen this glass back with Sony and Apple back in the past, and Samsung’s choice of material will be questionable since glass has a high tendency of breaking.  It should however be noted that none of this is truly supported by any material evidence so until the phone is unveiled, we shall get to know more about it.

Source: (in Korean) | Via