Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Review: A compelling Package

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 2

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[/blockquote]Out of the box, it looked like a Galaxy Alpha and there are no questions about Samsung’s long running confusing nomenclature. As as been, so will always be. Therefore I’ll stick to their guns that it’s indeed a Galaxy. Add grand to the equation before I forget prime, and there you have it, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Review comes shining, but is it really a compelling package to reckon with? Let’s find out. You can check out the Gallery at the bottom of the post.

The spec sheet doesn’t scream top-end so lower your expectations before we take you for a ride. Nevertheless, it won’t be spared given it has pretty awesome contenders to contest with.


  • 5-inch TFT capacitive screen.
  • Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.
  • 1GB of RAM &  8GB HDD.
  • 8 Mega Pixel Primary camera with LED flash and 5 Mega Pixel secondary camera.
  • 2,600mAh battery.


Okay, holders of a Galaxy S6 and the like should right away leave the pitch, save for folks holding the likes of the Tecno J7, Huawei Ascend G630 given they play on the same turf. That is the mid range tier. Our review model came in what Samsung calls the gold version. Inside you find a removable battery, dual micro SIM card slots and SD card slot (expandable up to 64GB).

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On the outside, things looked no different. There is that shiny gold color, a plastic rail reminiscent of metal, volume rockers plus the power button on your right, micro USB charging port of at the bottom, and the 3.5mm headphone jack at the top. The camera comfortably sits at the back with LED flash plus the loud stereo speakers.


Surprisingly the Grand Prime runs a TouchWiz heavy flavor of Android Lollipop 5.1.1 with no material accentuated designs but quite ran smoothly. I couldn’t talk of glitches, neither apps breaking down and browsing was smooth right away. Anyways  that’s what you’d expect from any shiny piece of new Android hardware and everyone knows that. On the downside, owing to the fact that I have used Android since I can remember, they tend to slow down as the device ages and considerations of hooking up a new device start cropping up.

Besides the Google staples, Samsung didn’t include its Galaxy suite of apps except for the Galaxy apps store and a smart manager for your battery, boosting phone speeds & clearing the phone junk. This only leaves you with close to 4GB of space to play with.


The Galaxy Grand Prime clads an 8MP at the back with LED flash plus a 5MP front selfie camera which Samsung touts as one of the best in the Selfie game. But, none of the two was a distractor. Overall the primary camera offers no bragging rights and it’s shots won’t make you scream your lungs out. We should leave that to holders of iPhones and those with high-end droids.

I for one believes Sammy could do better, I attest to having held devices with serious cameras at the fraction of the price the prime goes for or within the same price tier (It goes for 541,500 UGX at Jumia). However the camera app was fast but subpar at outdoor shots so you still have to yawn for details & color accuracy. It wasn’t so much of a disappointment indoors but I must say; so listen carefully that the Selfie mode somewhat impressed me. With not so much detail to speak of but the easiness with which one can take a Selfie? Awe!

Toggle the Selfie setting in the camera app, tap on the screen. Before you know it, magic has happened in a flash.


The spec sheet reads 5 inches diagonal and it’s indeed true with thin bezels and it looked comparatively small given I am from a 5.5inch screen. The display wasn’t as crisp with a pixel density of only 220ppi so viewing angles offered some disparities but then again, what would you expect from a qHD (540×960)display? In our ultimate smartphone guide, we offered tips on choosing the best smartphone, so taking your time to peruse through it won’t be a disappointment.

It is for this reason that I had to adjust the phone’s brightness everytime I moved outdoors. Withstanding a dull screen was no choice and I believe a 720p (read as HD) could do better.


This is one stronghold that most OEMs shouldn’t downplay and to be exact, what the Grand offered was sheer mediocricy. Whereas split second lags were a miracle, nonetheless non existent, it downplayed my expectations as usage climbed up. It could hold onto basic smartphone uses like calling, texting, browsing, social networking but when it came to graphics intensive applications. It screamed gerrahere and I didn’t hesitate to let go. So I couldn’t enjoy my Asphalt 8 at smooth rates but I could squeeze a few casual titles like Crossy Road out of it. Above all, performance wasn’t solid while multitasking. I registered lags after firing up heavy apps with other apps running in the background.


The  2600mAh battery is one thing I loved most about the Galaxy Grand Prime. On average, it could go a day without charge  with a multitude of hours of streaming, reading content, liking tweets, endless notifications and email except on days it registered not my adventurous self. Here it could even give you two days. I hear you screaming wow and it’s  indeed true.

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Photo credit: Lukoda James Photography