Samsung envisions to concur more space in your living room with Shape wireless audio speakers, sound bars and more

This week Samsung announced that it will be showcasing home  gadgets at CES this year that will change your home entertainment drastically. First there is an expanded Shape wireless audio solution (pictured above) for Multiroom system that was first launched in October and will cost about $399.99 for the Shape M7 speaker, and an optional $49.99 wireless connectivity hub for use in homes where plugging the speaker directly into the router is awkward.

Next is a miniture M5 speaker and HW-H750 Soundbar with wireless sub. According to Samsung the three-driver M5 speaker can be used alone or in combination with other Shape speakers, and it can be positioned in any axis in your living room. The “metallic” HW-H750 Soundbar delivers 320 watts of multichannel sound and can be wirelessly connected over Bluetooth to televisions supporting Samsung’s TV Sound Connect feature. The best part of it all is that you can control it with a free iOS or Android app.

Other products include Samsung’s MX-HS8500 GIGA Sound System, which is the world’s first component audio system to integrate the main system and speakers, is ready to rock the house. There is also the Samsung HT-H7730WM Blu-ray Home Entertainment System a one-of-a-kind 7.1 channel system with virtual 9.1 channels that only they claim can provide. They are made of Carbon Nano Tube speakers combined with Vacuum Tube Digital Amplification which provide sound that’s warm and natural, yet amazingly powerful and clean.