SafeBoda launches a new app with free rides for each app download

Image Credit: SafeBoda Facebook Page

Safeboda is Uber’s equivalent when it comes to two wheelers commonly known as Boda Bodas in Uganda and the greater East African region. Today, it has announced via email about the launch of its new app in the Play Store calling it significantly better, smoother and way more beautiful.

The app borrows a Uber like interface except with the orange and white color schemes plus the side menu that draws Payment, a toll free customer support number, the user’s profile and the app settings. SafeBoda rewards each new app download with with free rides worth Shs 25,000.

However SafeBoda’s areas of Operations have been contracted now covering Central Kampala, Nakasero, Kololo, Kitante, Ntinda and Naguru or what I can summarily call Nakawa Division besides the central parts of the city. For now its operations will run from 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM and are limited to the aforementioned areas. Safe Boda assures that they’re soon expanding to other areas around the city.

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Users are advised to first uninstall the old app and then go ahead to install the new app. The new app is touted as bringing a new fair pricing model that foregoes bargaining since fares are now standardised as set by the app, an improved experience and a new design.

As is the case with Uber, you just input your current pickup location and a drop off point. The app will then display the payment mode and the estimated fare and then you’re good to go. After all is set, you then tap “Request a SafeBoda”