Rwanda’s teleco regulator refuses to extend SIM registration


The Rwanda Utility Regulatory Authority (RURA) has warned people who have not yet registered their SIM card that the deadline of July 31 will not be extended. After this date, unregistered cards will be disabled.

Currently, nearly 6.5 million SIM cards from the three telecommunication companies are in use, and so far 87% of them have been registered.

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“We advise telecom subscribers to register their SIM cards for both their mobile phones and modems before the deadline in order to remain connected,” said Jean Baptiste Mutabazi, the head of communication and media at RURA.

Likewise, SIM cards bought after the deadline will only work after being registered.

According to Mutabazi, the registration intends to reduce cyber crimes, make it easier to retrieve a phone in case of loss, and protect the owner’s security whenever compromised.

In order to make registration effective for all subscribers, including people outside the country, Norman Munyampundu, the senior customer operations manager at MTN Rwanda said that they have put in place an online registration system from the company’s website.

The RURA’s report indicates that Tigo Rwanda tops the registration process with 92% of 1,900,693 subscribers, followed by Airtel with 87% of 915,210 subscribers and MTN with 84% of 3,599,540 SIM cards.

The registration has started on February 4; the only requirement is to present an ID card or a valid passport for foreigners.

Source:Rwanda Focus (Kigali)