Remmie would you like to attend Blanket and Wines ? Read an IM from my E.I.C and an affirmation wasn’t miles away that I outright agreed. Yes, I said. That was all and the only complementing explanation was that Roke Telkom (more about them later) had invited me to go try out their Experience Tent at the just concluded Blankets and Wine.
Well, a full disclosure here is that Roke Telkom doubles as a sponsor for Blankets & Wines , the Kampala edition. Blankets and Wines is a picnic style tri-monthly social gathering that infuses music, art, fashion amongst other things.

Who is Roke Telkom?

Roke Telkom is a fully fledged and licensed public service provider (Capacity resale and voice + data) and a public infrastructure provider. While I got to know about Roke Telkom as a B2B service provider, recently they’ve made inroads into the consumer segment especially with the introduction of Roke Spots. A series of Wifi hotspots in and around the capital, Kampala.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of who they’re, let us into the experience that well describes their offering that is internet. The Museum grounds that have traditionally hosted most editions of Blankets and Wine did the same on the Sunday of 11th July 2016 and were all covered by a mesh hotspots that Roke Telkom christened Roke Spots.

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One needn’t subscribe to regular data bundles from other ISPs since Roke’s internet was cheaply available after purchase of their data vouchers for as low as 1000 UGX for unlimited internet lasting 24 hours, UGX 5,000 for unlimited Internet lasting a week and finally UGX 18,000 for unlimited internet lasting an entire month.
You’re only eligible to access RokeSpots if you happen to reside, work or hangout in areas covered by their hotspots powered by Google’s project link. Roke Telkom assures us that they’ve deployed over 100+ hotspots(with more set to get activated) around Kampala with downlink speeds of 1Mbps and their other offerings like Roke Deluxe, Roke Classic, Roke Premium among others max and shame the above speeds depending on the client’s needs.

The Roke Experience

After I did get myself a UGX 1,000 voucher, well connected to the RokeSpot while Lewis Hamilton raced down the Silverstone circuit in triumph in the British Grand Prix, this happened to be my Roke experience.
The basic pricing is likely affordable for most Ugandan internet users that dwell on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube , reading among others. It works just fine but soon after I discovered that after you deplete 500MB, the FUP applies and speeds drop to 512Kbps which brings up the question if indeed there is truly anything next to unlimited internet as advertised. This only applies on the UGX 1,000 voucher and we’re yet to establish caps that apply to the weekly and monthly packages.

I must however say I did all my browsing seamlessly without lag and I did no mercy to my Twitter given I flooded it with a tweet storm for the most part of the day, did SnapChat and Instagram while the DJs kept most of us shaking as we feasted on muchomo while others drunk themselves.

However to someone like me enjoying speeds of up to 6Mbps on a monthly data plan, I’d recommend you make use Roke Telkom’s other packages that give you more for less and are well suited for homes, SMEs as well as large enterprises.

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As we all know that Blankets and Wine has more to offer than just Roke’s internet, so how about them?

The Music

Lined up were Jackie Akello, Davis Ntare, Mo Roots, Kirya Kuti and the main acts, South Africa’s Mi Casa.


Not forgetting the trolls

But this sums it up