Roke Telkom finally unveils WiFi scratch cards

Roke Telkom Scratch cards

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[/blockquote]In December last year, Roke Telkom and Google launched a fast WiFi network in Kampala which have come to be known as Rokespots, that have opened the Wi-Fi experience to city dwellers. This week, the company unveiled the Roke Telkom vouchers, which are basically WiFi scratch cards. Roke Telkom‘s WiFi network uses Google’s Project Link fiber with over 120 hotspots around Kampala allowing people to access the internet on their phones, tablets and any other WiFi capable device.

The service has different price categories which open it up to everyone. The vouchers also have the same pricing like we have seen before, you can access this internet for 1,000 UGX per day, 5,000 per week or 18,000 UGX per month. From our very own survey carried out recently, 28% of Ugandans who participated in the poll spend between UGX 100,000- UGX 200,000 per month on internet which means once Roke Telecom attains the kind of network coverage that is comparative with the existing 3G carriers, this will be the preferred data service for many. That is the day we shall finally see Mobile Network Operators reduce their data prices. Before the coming of these scratch cards, you could pay for Roke Spot via MTN mobile money or PayWay kiosks.