Richard Kaweesa to Africell Uganda: “I do hope that these meetings are not delay tactics”

Kaweesa Richard with Africell Wranggles

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[/blockquote]The latest from the drama between artist Richard Kaweesa and telecom company Africell Uganda, indicates that the two parties are about to reach an amicable understanding over the “Ani akuba baby wange”  song copyright infringement by Africell. Mr Kaweesa’s music publishers Sheer Africa hired a lawyer who met with the AfricellUganda lawyer and the Head of Communications last week on the 28th Jan at 10:15am.

The two teams believe that they are almost likely to reach an understanding this week.  Richard Kaweesa however is however being conscious with the un trusted telecom, he says;

“I informed the meeting that I have Facebook friends and people who hate injustice following these conversations and events and that you my friends and arresters of injustice are expecting a clear feedback from AfricellUganda by next week. I do hope that these meetings are not delay tactics and if I get a gut feeling that they are, I will let you know. You might not know this, but let me tell you; your active participation in this struggle for justice can be felt in boardrooms and so please let us not stop until this injustice is arrested. Our collective effort to arrest injustice in this country has just began. AfricellUganda is just a tip of the iceberg. When we win this current battle, the enthusiasm with which we will launch another arrest and another and yet another battle on injustice will be phenomenon and historical. It is time that we pickup the thorns of injustice that have for long littered the productivity play-field of our nation. We can not stop. We will not stop, no not now; not when we can see victory peeping right across the horizon.”

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On the bright-side, the two Journalists Edward who was arrested along with Kaweesa two weeks back for criminal trespass by Africell was released after they realized that he worked with Office of the President. The other, Edward, was released on police bond together with Kaweesa. Richard Kawessa’s police bond was later cancelled after he insisted that he is either produced in court and officially charged or cancel the police bond. Police chose to cancel the bond but extend Edward’s for an extra two weeks.