Retina iPad mini expected to come Q3 2013: Analysts

The analysts at NPD DisplaySearch have run the figures and decided that the iPad mini with full retina-quality display is well on its way. They’ve made it clear in their most recent report that the iPad mini’s first big update will be appearing in the third quarter of 2013, if all goes well, with another update soon after. The second update, says NPD, will include not only a higher-definition display than the first edition – it’ll have a boosted mobile processor under the hood, as well.

The first update to the iPad mini will likely come right before the Fall school season begins, this lodging the tablet directly into the minds of those prospective users looking to maximize the excellence of their backpack setup. This machine falls in line with users hoping to own their own piece of Apple equipment without going full-sized with the standard iPad. The main line iPad will have reached its 5th generation, more than likely, by the end of this year.

The iPad mini will be seeing a push to a new display technology, it’s also said, including a possible inclusion of LTPS, the same technology used in the iPhone 5. LPTS is also known as low-temperature polysilicon, and it’ll be sharpening up the iPad mini significantly. The first run of iPad mini units used the same number of pixels as the original iPad, allowing it to be a bit more dense than that first-gen tablet, but still falling well below the current-gen iPad with so-called “retina” display.

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Source: SlashGear