Researchers develop a skin patch that helps patients receive drugs instantly

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Skin tatoo (Image Credit:

In most cases when we are sick we always forget to take the doctor’s prescribed drugs at the right times or refill our prescriptions. Let’s also not forget the risk of drug addiction, and overdose. Scientists have in several pharmaceutical companies have been trying for some time now to come up with some form of digital humanism solutions in form of wearable drug-delivery systems that can distribute an uninterrupted flow of curatives, without having to rely on the patient to physically take the drug.

There’s a problem with that approach, however, because these systems don’t monitor a patient’s vitals. This means they can’t be responsive. But with every innovation there is a snag, in case a patient needs to take a stronger dose or when they actually feel pretty good, they still receive the same continuous flow of whatever drug they’re on. Researchers from South Korean have finally found a way to fix that. Based on the  study  published today in Nature Nanotechnology, they came up with a skin patch that not only dispenses drugs continuously, but also has the ability to determine when it’s time to stop. contains.

The patch won’t see the day of light till five years from now. But the idea that medical technologies such as this one might actually come to fruition is still pretty stimulating.

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