Rent your own satellite space for just $250 per week

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Image Credit: Digital trends

Kickstarters projects are always born on a daily basis, the Adrusat project one of them and is making it possible for you to use a nano cube satellite which it is a small, standardized vessel that can be modified with off-the-shelf parts and improved on by a community of open source builders — has dramatically lowered the cost of putting a research-capable craft into space.

Dubbed “ArduSat,” the soon-to-be-launched satellite will be operational by August 4 and  will connect with the servers at NanoSatisfi, the Kickstarter-funded company that’s operating it, and provide students and space geeks alike the chance to do whatever they want up in space.  For $250 a week, anyone from an elementary school to a curious hobbyist can rent time on the satellite and conduct their own experiments.

NanoSatisfi began as a Kickstarter project, raising $106,330 from backers. That success generated enough interest for the company to raise $1.2 million in seed funding from a group of angel investors. Today, it’s announcing an additional $300,000 in funding from the Russian billionaire Dmitry Grishin, who has a fund devoted to consumer robotics.

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While conventional satellites cost between $500 million and $2 billion, NanoSatisfi plans on spending much less than $1 million on purchasing and launching ArduSat into orbit, and over the course of its two year lifespan, the company expects to serve over 4,000 customers. You can read more from the source link below and enjoy the videos below