Rdio files for bankruptcy. And frankly, we do not care!

Rdio availability

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[/blockquote]Today music streaming service Pandora has announced  that it is acquiring “several key assets” from Rdio, which is filing for bankruptcy. Rdio’s assets will be purchased for about $75 million, and the acquisition includes technology and intellectual property. The announcement says “many employees” from Rdio will be offered the chance to work at Pandora, implying that at least some will be out of work. But, as expected since these streaming services give us the middle finger with the “not available in your country” BS, we are not expected to care. Pandora is currently available only in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. Now you know why the headline is strong headed. Rdio, by contrast, has a presence in 100 countries, of course excluding Africa minus South Africa. (See availability in the above featured image)

Rdio, or at least its business model, could help Pandora transition into a more modern and “global” streaming music service. Rdio has long been praised for its on-demand service, but never gained the traction of its peers, especially in terms of paid subscribers and with the likes of Spotify and a more global Apple Music on the horizon, Pandora better get ready to play tough with the new kids on the block  since it have been in the business for more than 15 years but gained less traction.

On a call with investors today, Pandora executives explained that its goal is to become the world’s biggest platform for all the ways you can enjoy music: radio, on-demand streaming, and live events.