Quick Poll: What do you think will be the best Android phone of 2016?

Android Phones 2016

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[/blockquote]Lets try to dive into the near Android future for a bit.¬† Each and every year new Android phones get released, most we can’t afford –but dreams can never stop you from owning one. We already have plenty of reasons to be excited about Android Phones in 2016.We mainly expect iterations of last years phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7,¬†Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the Nextbit Robin, Huawei P9 and LG G5, then there are those that remain a complete mystery like Blackberry’s next Android device. But this hasn’t stopped us trying to predict which phone will be the best this year. So now we want to as you: what do you think will be the best phone of 2016? If you need some help making your mind up, the list below will guide you. What do you think will be the best flagship Android phone of 2016? Let the predictions begin.

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