President Museveni takes a Selfie: Will it Trend on social media?

President Museveni takes a Selfie
President Museveni takes a Selfie
The M7 Selfie: Left is deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, while on the right is Robert Kabushenga, the Vision Group’s CEO

While to most people a selfie is no longer a buzz word, it seems the Ugandan President was just awakening to the fact that mobile phones can just do more than making calls and texting. We have already seen other heads of state publically embrace the selfie craze like Obama and Cameron, at Mandela’s Funeral and not forgetting the Pope himself, all of which went viral all over the inter-webs. And now out of the blue President Museveni takes a Selfie is starting to trend on social media.

Joining The Selfie Bandwagon

President Yoweri Museveni has officially joined the head of state selfie taking Bandwagon and took the trending selfie of himself yesterday during the launch of Vision Group’s free-to-air television channels, in Arua district in the North western region of Uganda. During this function, the head of state officially launched Urban TV and also Arua One, a leading FM radio station in West Nile.

The only similarity between this selfie and Ellen Degeneres’s record breaking celebrity selfie at the Oscars early this year is that they are both using a Galaxy device, and in this case it was the Galaxy Note 3. (Of course don’t expect this selfie to go as  viral as the Ellen‘s ). So whether ” # President Museveni takes a Selfie will trend as much as on social media is yet to be seen.

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