Premium Meets other Options: DSTV’s Take on low option channels

Digital Satellite television abbreviated as DSTV is making the low end meet the premium. Its like making Kololo available to Katanga for a full week. The satellite TV provider is running a promotion  called “Premium Open Week” that will see subscribers on its different DSTV bouquets getting premium channels for a full week. This includes subscribers from DSTV Family, DSTV compact and DSTV compact plus offerings. The campaign goes on to emphasize that viewers from these bouquets will get the best of sensational sports, hit music, entertaining kiddie’s shows, intriguing documentaries and original homegrown content running 24/7from an array of quality programming channels.

This will see premium channels previously restricted to only premium subscribers getting down to other bouquets . Channels like Africa magic entertainment,super sport,comedy central, Animal Planet, BBC Knowledge, BBC Lifestyle, Cbeebies, Crime and  Investigation, Discovery channel, Travel Channel, Fox Entertainment, History Channel, MTV Base, MTV and Sky News among others becoming available for Family,Compact and Compact Plus subscribers. The campaign is slated to start from Monday 11th up to Sunday 17th November 2013. The Satellite TV provider says those on DSTV mobile will not be left out as some channels will be extended to them during the week running campaign.