The Port 004: A chat with the makers of Metroziki, a Windows Phone Music App

Just when we thought every developer in Uganda was chasing Google’s cash cow, we have secretly been breeding, in this

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country of milk and honey, our very own Windows Phone developers! A brilliant team of developers, under the name Simbacode, have recently debuted a Windows Phone app – Metroziki – that is possibly the most kick-ass music app to come to the Windows phone store. This episode of the Port we, caught up with Guy Acellam of Simbacode of the few Windows Phone developers in Uganda and got to pick his brain about their Music app, the industry, and innovation at large.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]TJ: What is Metroziki?[/alert]

Its music player for windows phone with focus on providing a good offline experience

[alert variation=”alert-info”]TJ: Why music specifically, why not just create a notes app?[/alert]
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Music because its commercially viable product

[alert variation=”alert-info”]TJ: How did it all start?[/alert]

I got frustrated with the current players on the Windows Store and decided to create one

Metroziki Video App Preview

[youtube url=””]

[alert variation=”alert-info”]TJ: How do you find the tech start up scene in Uganda? [/alert]

Tech in Uganda is a few music key notes, we are yet to hear the full music. Keep your ears wide open because at a time when we  start  seeing positive impacts of our tech in the global sphere then we shall know that we are rocking.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]TJ: Is it for fun or for money?  [/alert]

We want to provide the best music player for the user on windows phone and give them value for money.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]TJ: Speaking of which, how does MetroZiki make money?[/alert]

Metroziki costs just UGX 5,000 ($1.99) for a full version, you can spare a days meal to buy it for eternity.

We do have a monthly in-app purchase of  UGX 2500 ($0.99) for lyrics service.

metroziki[alert variation=”alert-info”]TJ: Mobile or web, what is your main background? [/alert]

Mobile is priority though its very hard to to completely leave the web since in most cases the web runs mobile indirectly. We shall put our efforts on    the web if its a matter of improving the mobile experience.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]TJ: There is a Windows Phone app, any other mobile platforms?  [/alert]

Our Geographic location does not favor Metrozikis’ business model on other platforms

[alert variation=”alert-info”]TJ: Why go native? Would it have been easier to make mobile versions of the app? [/alert] 

The information we are are accessing are on the users phone and in any case we want utmost proper performance for our application. Still the commercial viability of having the app on other platforms is not sound.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]TJ: What is the future for MetroZiki?  [/alert]

To be best music player on the windows phone for offline music experience.

[alert variation=”alert-info”] TJ: What marketing channels does MetroZiki use?  [/alert]

Facebook Ads, We reached over 3000 users since the last update. We do this by creating videos such as the one on this link: Metroziki Update and also Metroziki app photos. We shall continue using social media as platform for marketing the player.

[alert variation=”alert-info”] TJ: There is evidence of high startup failure.. how metroziki image _2is MetroZiki surviving this? (Is the company behind MetroZiki still a startup anyway?) [/alert]

When people hear about a product, they always think about it as though it were a company. perhaps it is because they are influenced by some business ideas but Metroziki is kick-start product of Simbacode Ltd aka Simbacode which was founded in February this year. Simbacodes’ vision is to continue  delivering relevant and practical mobile solutions.

How can a hot startup in Uganda get some Venture capital money? The reality is, it is very difficult to get money from Venture capitalist in Uganda however hot the startup is. Those that have managed to do so have always got little in most cases. May be we are kind of under valued. so your best venture capitalist is probably your family and friends.

[alert variation=”alert-info”] TJ: What are the future plans for Simbacode..! [/alert]

I can assure you that Simbacode will be releasing a productivity/utilities app in June for the android platform. Of the many features to be offered, the most interesting feature to watch out for in the app is the automated airtime loader(take a picture of your airtime and leave the app to do the rest).