We wanted to find out which of the many mobile networks offers Unlimited data plan that excites the Techjaja community the most. Several hundred of you voted in our poll the other week, and now we’re ready to share the results.

It seems like, according to our readers, Smile Communications offers the best Unlimited data plans striking a balance between price and speed. The 4G LTE carrier got a whopping  40 percent of the vote, among 5 other telecoms that offer similar data plans. Its should be noted that Smile is the under dog when it comes to coverage and number of subscribers with a little over 20,000 (less than 1%) SIM cards registered on their network according to recent UCC findings.

For the number two spot in the ranking, with 27 percent, is Uganda’s telecom giant MTN, who were initially in the lead of the vote for a couple of days. Due to the massive strength of having wide network footprint and over 18 million SIM registered, MTN was well positioned to be in the top 3  carriers, but they would need to up their game with better unlimited data offering to match that of the competition. Following those two is Airtel Uganda having 31% of all SIM cards registered on its network it’s unlimited offer is liked by 13%  with of our readers.

poll results best unlimited data plan in Uganda
Poll results for best unlimited data plan in Uganda
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Then there’s the not-so-exciting bunch. Notably, Africell Uganda and Vodafone with 11% and 8 % respectively both of which brands were at one point synonymous with unlimited internet came in last. But this only applies to unlimited mobile data users making them the least exciting of all the carriers when it comes to unlimited data offerings.

It should be noted that the poll focused only on mobile unlimited data plans, so it excludes the likes of Zuku’s unlimited home internet, Roke Telkom and the rest that offer fast point dedicated internet to point business, SME and home internet solutions.

How to choose the best Unlimited data plan

When making a sound decision, you should consider price, coverage, and features equally and while we can’t say which network will work for everyone, it’s where you should look first.

There are a few things in common with most carriers: Each carrier can slow down your data to 3G or 2G speeds once you hit an invisible cap on data, and they all have innovative ways of doing it. And no carrier guarantees great coverage, no matter what their coverage maps might say. At the end of the day it all comes down to you the user, after considering all the above options.

The best news is that everything here is subject to change at any time! Because the market has become so competitive for unlimited data, companies will constantly be adjusting prices and features. When one company makes a move the rest will soon follow with their own new pricing or other offers.